Friday, May 30, 2008

Tough times for restaurants

It's been a rough couple of months for Fox Valley restaurants. Two relatively new restaurants, Fahrenheit and Hunter's, have closed their doors in the last two months.

Fahrenheit was the highly anticipated, and highly-hyped gourmet restaurant opened way out west at 64 and Randall. Even Chicago magazine and Phil Vettel hopped on this bandwagon, but their glowing reviews couldn't overcome the high prices and meager portions of food plated there. Not that it didn't have potential -- it just wasn't the right fit. Maybe we'll see something like it in the new 1st street development.

Hunter's was quite another story. We only visited there once, but the service was not very good, the place was tiny, and the food was not that memorable. When I saw the "Friday Fish Fry" signs go up, I knew it was history. Let's keep our fingers crossed neither one of these places opens as an Italian place. How about some great Southwestern Seafood or something?

Speaking of that, if you haven't been to Bien Trucha in Geneva yet, you really should try it out. Find it on, get there early, the place is tiny -- and beware -- the portions are on the small size there, too. But prices are not very big either, which means you can try lots of different things. Avoid the "guacamole of the day" -- we haven't really liked any we've tried yet -- but definitely try the Ceviche. And get a margarita -- fantastic!

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