Friday, May 30, 2008

Green fairy beer?

I'm starting to really like these New Belgium folks. This microbrewery from Fort Collins, CO has been on my short list ever since I tried their Fat Tire on draft at the Embassy Suites near the Denver Airport. It was good enough to make me leave the free happy hour Miller products and go to their bar to buy my beverages...

And with their recent expansion into the Chicago market, I've learned there's lots more to love about NB. Their 1554 is a great, dark ale with a a fantastic mouthfeel and very low levels of smoke on the malt. The Mothership Wit is a great Belgian-style White beer in a Wheat beer style. Pay attention to the pouring directions on the bottle for the full effect!

But this post is about their latest (or at least the newest to me) beer on their menu -- the Springboard. This is a great summer beer with some exotic herbals in it. In fact, don't tell anyone, but it's got Wormwood -- the fun mythical ingredient in Absinthe! I can't wait to pair this up with a few shots of Mezcal and a hot day... I'll be channeling Carlos Castenada in no time!

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