Monday, May 5, 2008

Lowland Single Malt - Glenkinchie

Another one minute review. This time, it's Glenkinchie, a Lowland Single Malt, now being served at Gibby's. Had some on Saturday, in fact, to toast Eight Belles' tragic death at the Derby.

But I digress...

It's hard enough to find a lowland single malt, but Glenkinchie is worth the look. I found this at Binny's.

It's a complex enough whisky. Much more so than a comparable 10 year-old highland, like a Glenlivet. There's a hint of citrus, and more than a little peat. Nowhere near an Islay level of peat, but more noticeable than the Glenmorangie I normally quaff.

Surprisingly, Michael Jackson gave it a 76. I think it's much better than that score would seem to indicate.

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