Saturday, April 12, 2008

"The blog of unnecessary quotation marks"

I'm not sure, but I'm certainly hoping that the quotation marks in the title of this posting are unnecessary. That would be so, oh, "ironic", wouldn't it?

In any event -- if you have pet peeves that other folks find weird, you might enjoy the mighty way this blogger has embraced her peeve. for the record, blogger Bethany Keeley denies this is a peeve - she says she just finds the inappropriate use of quotation marks "funny."

Hey, when it comes to pet peeves, there are only a few legal ways to deal with your peeves. Laughing at people who commit the acts that peeve you is probably the safest...

You go girl!

You know what's making me laugh a lot these days?

People in the left lane of North Avenue west of the intersection at Randall who still haven't noticed that it's the LEFT lane that goes away (sorry, this makes sense to the local folks, honest) since they widened the intersection. Wake up people -- there are two signs posted there!

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