Monday, July 7, 2008

Miller Chill

Most people who know me probably wouldn't peg me as a Miller Chill drinker. But I've got to tell you, I think this is a pretty good beer -- especially for a flavored beer. According to the Miller folks, it's a "chelada-style" beer, which means they've added lime and salt flavoring. I don't taste the salt, but the hint of lime makes this a great summer brew. Add in the fact that it's Miller Lite-based, and you've got a winner... A lite-weight winner (pun intended) in terms of taste, but refreshing none the less.

After reading up on chelada, I think I'll try this beer in a salted glass on ice. Why not?

Stay tuned.

I'm back... I think I'm over Miller Chill. The ice may have been the corker. Truth is, I realized how little taste there was to this "beer" other than the chemical lime taste... I think I'll try something like a Negra Modelo the same way -- over ice, with a slated rim and a dash of fresh jalapenos...

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